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FAQ – Blogger

Q: How do I become a Tour Host?

Please sign up here and fill up the form.

Q: How long does it take to get approved?

It might take some weeks. We would love to be faster, but look at each blog and decide individually.

Q: Why haven’t I’ve been approved already?

Please see above, it might take us some time to go through every blogger. Please be patient.

Q: What do I need to become a tour host?

We don’t have hard rules in terms of follower or page views. However, you should be constantly blogging since at least 3 month and you should have a dedicated readers community.

Q: What genres do you accept?

If you read it, we almost certainly support it!  We’re always looking to expand our list of genres (which you can see on our sign up page).  Let us know if you review a genre not listed so we can track that too.  At this time one of the few exceptions we do have is that we do not accept blogs that review technical writing or fanfiction in addition to traditionally published fiction.

Signing Up for a Tour

Q: How do I sign up for a Tour?

When we start a new Tour there will be form at the Tour Page that you can fill out. For special Tours we also might ask you personally to sign up.

Q: I was first to sign up, why am I not on the tour?

We don’t take the Bloggers on a first-come first-serve basis. We balance each of our Tours and decide individually who will be a host for each tour.


During the Tour

Q: I said I wanted to host the author for a guest post, why don’t I get a guest post?

Our tours are comprised of reviews and guest posts, depending on the author’s availability and wishes. After we assigned tour dates and bloggers we decide at what tour stops it would be good to have a guest post. In the end, we don’t want a full week of guest post, we want the tour to be diversified.

Q:What do you want me to post on my Tour Date when I don’t have a guest post?

Please post your review with all the other information we will pass along to you. Depending on the Tour we will give you all the information you will need. If there is a contest running with the tour we will give you also the contest information you will need to post.

Q: What information do you want me to include in my post?

We will provide you with all necessary information, which will include (depending on the tour)

  • Book information (synopsis and links)
  • Author information with pictures and links
  • Contest information and promotional pictures of the prize
  • List of the Tour Host to give your readers an overview of the tour and the other tour hosts. This is especially important when running a multi-blog contest. We will provide you with a coded list that you can easily add in your post without formating it and searching for the links.

Q: I didn’t like the book as much as I thought, what do I do ?

We are very sad to hear! You have a few options now. If you truly don’t feel comfortable to promote this book, please let us know and we will find another tour host for your stop. Of course you can keep the book and this won’t affect your chance to become a host for another tour.

If you decide to stay part of the tour, we ask you to write a professional review with no assault against the author.


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