Kissing happens when we’re attracted to someone that we like. It’s an expression of affection in which your lips touches the other person’s lips. 

Below is my version on learning how to kiss 20 best kiss tips ever.

Tip #1
Let your eyes and body language do the talking. If you’re not ready walk away.

Tip #2
Brush your teeth. Or have some gum or mint handy. Not to be mean, nobody likes kissing a guy or girl with bad breath.

Tip #3
There’s all kinds of ways to kiss, 2 commonly ones we usually start with are the basic kiss and French kissing. They kind of go hand in hand.

What is French kissing? Sorry folks there’s no easy way to say it, but you’ll need a partner for this. It’s literally you and your partner touching each other’s tongues while kissing on the lips. 

Tip #4
What to do if you get nervous before kissing. Turn on some music to help you unwind.

Tip #5
Make sure your lips are never dry. Always have your Chapstick or lip balm ready.

Tip #6
Before the kiss. If you’re the man, caress her on the side of her face. Tell her how beautiful she looks. Let her touch your face, kiss on the lips, and then French kiss.

Tip #7
Whatever you do before kissing, don’t kill the mood by talking about your ex-lover.

Tip #8
Birthday surprise kiss. If you can afford to do this. Find something sexy to wear, and have someone help build a cake with you inside of it. Break loose and kiss your partner with cake smeared all over you guys.

Tip #9
Hoodwinked kiss. The kiss without a kiss. What do you do when you see someone handsome or gorgeous at a club? You wink at them, give them the thumbs up, point to let them know you like them, and blow them a kiss.

Tip #10
The Moo Moo kiss. This was an over the cell phone kiss that I invented. One night my friend asked me to kiss him but he knew I wasn’t going to kiss him so I said, “moo moo” like a cow, and that was my way of sending him a kiss.

Tip #11
Art Kiss. Put some lipstick on and literally kiss your art paper. It’s for inspiration and practice.

Tip #12
The Blowfish kiss. This is one kiss a child can do. All you do is close your mouth and inflate it with air. You put your hands on the side of your face, and kiss your parents on the cheek.

Tip #13
The Vampire Kiss. It’s a kiss on the neck that leaves a hickie mark.

Tip #14
The Werewolf Kiss. Whenever there’s a full moon, take your partner to see a drive in movie and give her a kiss under the full moon.

Tip #15
Toe Fetish kissing. This a common trend. People love to kiss feet, it’s sexy to them.

Tip #16
Bubble Bath Kiss. If you’re feeling fierce, you can kiss your partner while you bathe in bubbles.

Tip #17
Cotton candy kiss. Go to the carnival for a day, buy some cotton candy and ride the Ferris wheel. Enjoy the French kiss.

Tip #18
National Kiss Day. This event takes place in the U.K. on June 23, 2018. Celebrate kissing with your partner.

Tip #19
Kiss a ginger day. Find yourself some spice and kiss a redhead who’s nice.

Tip #20
Underwater kiss. Spend time in the swimming pool. Hold your breath underwater for a 10 seconds and kiss your partner.