Food is an essential aspect of humanity. We cannot think of anything that could keep us alive and energetic so that we can perform our activities at our best. Humankind has eaten different kinds of foods since time in memorial without considering any effects that might occur to them. There are many reasons as to why we should be cautious of what we eat before any activities, especially those that need us to be in the moment. Today we will have to consider kissing, and we shall get to know the foods to avoid before giving our all to our partners.
Due to various setbacks in kissing that may arise because of eating some foods, it is worth noting and thereby avoiding them before the magical moments. Below are illustrations of what foods to avoid.
i. Gum and mints
It is common practice that we have gotten used to eradicate bad breath when we notice or are cautious that we have it. Mints give a pleasant sensation and create a temporary smell that feels appealing. Well, it should be noted that once you have one or two, the sugar present in the gums and mint makes the bacteria more active. The sugar acts as an energizer to the bacteria and thus causing the bad breath worse. Please avoid disappointment by carrying a travel toothbrush for times that you think you might need one.
ii. Alcohol
The essence and fun of kissing lies in the exchange of saliva, and thus the transfer of fluids results to release of hormones that are responsible for creating an attachment for the kissing partners. When one considers having alcohol before kissing, then he/she should expect a moment that isn’t appealing. Having alcohol results in a dry mouth, and makes it even worse since a dry mouth is very prone to bad breath. Consider drinking water instead; water is good for hydration.
iii. Coffee
Coffee has a similar effect of drying out your mouth as alcohol does. Avoid coffee before the magic moment as it creates a dry mouth that is likely to be smelly, considering that the smell of coffee in the mouth will more likely be the kiss killer. Opt for iced or hot tea when on a date and knowing that a kiss is on the way.
iv. Acidic foods and drinks

Foods that are acidic have this habit that they are used to. The acidic nature of these foods creates a platform for the bacteria to reproduce much faster. Woe unto you if you take juices, citrus foods, soda and other foods with acidity.

v. Meat

Meat lovers beware, love your meat but don’t have too much of it or just consider not having it before kissing. The breakdown of proteins into carbohydrates for fuel produces ammonia as one of the byproducts. If you want to know how powerful the smell of ammonia is in ruining the moment, just enjoy your meat and consider having a lot of it.

vi. Spices
Spices leave a film on the tongue that comes out when you exhale. Just keep off the spices if you know that your lips are likely to meet another’s.

vii. Nothing
At this juncture, you are worried and have resorted to eating nothing because almost every food is listed above. The challenge here is that even avoiding eating anything is also not good. Skipping a meal is even worse my friend. When you jump a meal, the breakdown of body chemicals happens, the breakdown is called Ketoacidosis. A smelly breath will result during the process. Consider eating fresh vegetables and lots of agua to be on the safe.